little school historyHattye Mae Biddle and Penny Fox established the little school in 1954 in Penny’s home with 11 children.  In 1966, the little school moved to 308 North Queen Street into an old farmhouse known as the Tomlinson House.  The little school has been the cornerstone for educating young children ever since it opened its door.

M.Jane Richter assumed ownership of the little school in 1975.  Seeing the need for children of working families to have a consistent, nurturing environment for the before and after school hours, the idea of Afternoon Little was established by Linda Butala in 1979.  

In January 2009, a new chapter to this well-known story began when Shannon Mercer and Lisa Ratliff assumed ownership of the little school.  Shannon and Lisa have not only been lifelong friends but once walked the halls of the little school as preschoolers.  

Over the years, the little school has served families with a team approach and commitment to developing the whole child within an ever changing family dynamic. In the spirit of the old saying, “It takes a village,” we do just that here at the little school in partnership with our teachers, families and friends.  The little school works to build skills for a life of success and fulfillment.  In order to achieve this goal, a priority is set to create lasting, strong and positive relationships between the child, family and school.

Monthly Classes

Monthly classes may include Karate, Ballet, Dance, Cooking for Kids, Science and many more.  Please call for more information 302-734-3040